Audiolab 8200A Amplifier Clearance

UK manufacturer Audiolab have long been synonymous with audio quality and refinement.   Their long running 8200 range of products have recently been super-ceded by the 8300 range.  With significant audio improvements, this range also attract a rather hefty price increase.  This is not to say that the 8200 range are not a great product, just the 8300 range is better.

The 8200A stereo integrated amplifier features a minimalist design and boasts 6 analog inputs and 60W per channel power output.  With twin speaker terminals, this fantastic sounding amplifier gives the ability to bi wire speakers for better separation  and detail.

We are clearing this little baby for $1089, giving you a save of $711 off the $1800 RRP.

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3 thoughts on “Audiolab 8200A Amplifier Clearance”

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