Current specials and run outs

We have silly prices to start with. But occasionally we get the opportunity to get access to amazing gear that is set to be discontinued or replaced at an excellent price. So I am just going to list some of the things we have that we have dumped the price on. All of these represent excellent value for money.

KEF Q100 Bookshelf speakers

Having been replaced by the new Q150, we managed to secure a supply of the Q100’s at a good price. So coming down from $899 to $549 makes them pretty damned good for the money. The Q100 is front ported, meaning it doesn’t matter how close to the wall it is, and it has a wall mount hook on the back. At that price, there isn’t a better sounding speaker.


KEF X300 and X300 wireless

Grabbing the last quantity on these allowed us to dump the price. These are very simple. USB connection to your PC, and network for the wireless model to allow for AirPlay audio. They sound fantastic for the price and size, and have a neat finish. The internal DAC will support HiRes audio up to 24bit/192kHz and they sound MASSIVE.



HEOS HS1 Speakers

Heos by Denon have launched HS2 variants of all of their models. We still have stock of the series 1 versions. They sound exactly the same as their newer counterparts, but lack bluetooth on board (we give you a module for it anyway) and don’t support Hi-Res audio. For some reason, a series 1 speaker will stereo pair with another speaker of the same model in the newer generation, so getting one of the first generation ones isn’t really going to prevent you from accessing features on the newer models. We have White Heos 3’s, and a single Heos 7 in white.


Various Ceiling Speakers

Over the years, we have taken on and dropped speaker brands and have some left over models that we are also flogging at an absolute steal. We don’t have any of these listed on our website just due to the time involved in hunting for particular specifications and imagery, but we have models from JBL, TDG Audio, Sonance, and Revtek.


Bose End of Life Specials

The QC25 has been entirely phased out… As has the Soundlink Mini II… Bose Australia has been hanging onto a pile of them until recently. They are being run out at clearance prices due to my boss deciding to purchase as much as Bose would let him. For some reason we also have a further discount on the SoundTouch 30.

We also have 1 Acoustimass 6 package in White left.

Chord Electronics Hugo TT

The gods of digital to analogue conversion have announced the successor to the Hugo TT… The Hugo TT 2.

Hence, we got our grubby paws on a couple of the last Hugo TT units to come to Australia. John asked me to put “Price too hot to list” on the site, so he’s probably come up with some mad figure. Not that he has told the rest of us or anything, but expect to pay far less than the RRP of $6800.


Marantz PM8005 and SAKI Pearl Lite

The Pearl Lite was a limited edition version of one of the higher end Marantz SACD players, having been tweaked to improve on the already excellent sound. We do not have it listed on our site, but we have a tag on the player in store with $1995 written on it.

The PM8005 has been replaced, so an excellent opportunity arose for us and you. This amplifier has a retail price of $2450, but we are flogging it for $1745. Plenty of power, control, and musicality without any complication. I have yet to see it struggle under any load I have forced onto it.


Opera Callas Bookshelf Speakers

Honestly feel like these are more of a work of art and amazing craftsmanship than just a speaker. A medium to large bookshelf speaker with what appears to be a glass plate on the top, and a lacquer you could look a mile into. They are constructed in Italy, with a very well manufactured 7″ woofer, and one of ScanSpeak’s finest tweeters. They do not have huge overbearing bass, or brightness, or dullness… They are sweet sounding, clear, and accurate.

Retailing at $6999, we have them listed as a “Call for Price” item. I would be comfortable letting this one pair we took on for $6300.


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