ARCAM AVR Special Offer

Audiophile grade home theater receivers aren’t the most common of things. Many brands will have their barebones unit, then a midrange set, then a flagship model or two. Many of them will have a shipload of features, all the bells and whistles, most of which you may not even use.

Arcam have taken the “Sound First” approach with their Home Theater Receivers, having powerful amplifiers with a beefy power supply, a clean and crisp sound from the Pre-amp and digital processing, and a room correction suite powered by DIRAC.

They are better described as being a surround sound amp built to the standards of a stereo integrated amplifier.

Anyway, Arcam is offering huge discounts on their AV receivers when you trade in ANY home theater receiver… from any brand… As long as it works. You will receive a $1000 discount on the AVR390 ($3995 rrp), a $1500 discount on the AVR550 ($5995 rrp), and $2400 off the AVR850 ($8995 rrp). Even the baby AVR390 is an absolute monster…

This offer is only available until the 30th of November 2017.

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